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Minority shareholders all too often feel oppressed and often times they are capable of proving that oppression to the satisfaction of the courts. However, proving that oppression to the satisfaction of the court and attaining the appropriate financial remedy, can be elusive, and more significantly the time and cost associated with its pursuit can be significant (and not necessarily recoverable to the extent of one's expectations).

 At Neufeld Legal P.C., we vigorously pursue shareholder oppression matters, nevertheless, from the outset we wish to be clear that such cases can be very costly and the results can fall far short of your expectations. This is the harsh reality associated with shareholder oppression action, such that we don't wish to sugar-coat what is forthcoming when you pursue such a claim against the company that you have a share interest in.

As such, should you seek to pursue a shareholder oppression action with Neufeld Legal P.C., you need to be prepared to incur the high legal costs associated with investigating and prosecuting a shareholder oppression action and realize that might not attain a very positive result (or a result that might say you were oppressed but you receive little, if any, financial restitution, while having spent an inordinant sum to attain this 'moral' victory).

For those individuals interested in the vigorous pursuit of a shareholder oppression legal action, contact Neufeld Legal P.C. for specialized legal counsel to tackle shareholder oppression matters at 403-400-4092 or

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